We don’t offer a job. We offer a career at Fundrisers Finserv Private Limited. If you're a dynamic, hardworking, and high-spirited individual, this is your chance to join our team and build your dream career.


At FUNDRISERS, we offer a wide variety of roles in various departments ranging from Branch Managers, Equity Dealer, Customer Service Executives, Relationship Manager -Activation, Human Resources Manager, Accountants & Marketing Executive, etc.

Application and Selection Process – To apply for a position at Fundrisers finserv private limited, candidates need to complete the online application form on the career website and submit their resume or email the resume to All the applications received will be reviewed by the recruitment team based on the job requirements. Candidates shortlisted will be contacted to set up an interview process which can often include multiple interview rounds once the most suitable candidate for the position is identified, the recruitment team discusses the terms and conditions of the job offer, and a potential start date. After the verbal discussion, the candidate receives the offer of employment with Fundrisers Finserv Private Limited that includes complete details of the role and instructions to confirm his/her acceptance.

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